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  • Developer: Google and app developers
  • Genre: Communication
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Release Date December 6, 2010
Developer Google and app developers
Publisher Google Inc.
Genre Communication
Language English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian
System Android, iOS
Version Release


Google Chrome Mobile: Your Simple Yet Powerful Web Browsing Tool

Browsing the Web has become an essential part of the daily routine for millions of people, and there are no signs of this trend changing any time soon. Whether you use the Internet for research, work, or simply to have fun, you need a special program to access and view all the digital goodness. This program is called a Web browser and it helps your device get data from a remote server, convert it into text, images, and videos you see on Web pages and present it all to you.

Many people just use the default browser installed on their device by the manufacturer, and if you do so, we have bad news for you: you are missing out on all the awesome features Google Chrome app has to offer. You may already be using Google Chrome on your computer, but there is also a mobile version of the well-loved browser. Let’s take a look at what makes Google Chrome for mobile devices stand out among many other browsers available for download from Apple Store and Play Market.

Google Chrome for Mobile Devices: Core Functionality

There sure is a lot going on in the desktop version of Chrome in terms of functionality. The browser is highly customizable and offers a number of important tools for Web developers, which is why it is so widely used in the Web design and development industries. However, when you’re browsing the Web from a mobile device, you probably don’t want to inspect the page structure or experiment with different layouts. What matters in this use scenario is the overall user-friendliness of the app, and Google Chrome Mobile delivers that in abundance.

Once your Google Chrome download is complete, the app is quickly installed and instantly ready to use. You do have to perform a quick setup, during which you have the option of signing into your Google account. This is extremely helpful if you are already using Chrome on other devices, the login details stored in your account will be instantly available in Chrome mobile. What’s more, other data like form autocomplete prompts will be transferred to your mobile device as well. Another nice feature available after Google account sign-in is the synchronization of open tabs on all devices currently using Chrome.

Once you’re done with that, you can go on straight to Web browsing. Everything is pretty straightforward here, and there isn’t much to say about it, except that Web browsing in Chrome mobile is a pleasant, smooth experience even on slower devices. Also, you will probably find the minimalistic design of the browser’s interface very aesthetically pleasing, even though it’s a fairly subjective aspect. And now let’s move on to some more interesting and advanced Chrome mobile features in the next section of the review.

Google Chrome Mobile App: Use It Like a Pro

The Chrome app has a lot of neat tricks up its sleeve to facilitate and/or speed up your Web browsing experience. This Google Chrome review wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning at least some of them, so here are some awesome features that will help you navigate the Internet in a much more efficient way.

First of all, Chrome mobile app offers a number of features for offline viewing of Web pages. This may come in handy if you don’t have an unlimited data plan or if you travel/commute a lot. So, to save the page in Chrome itself for further offline viewing, press the three dots icon at the top of the screen and choose the downward-facing arrow symbol in the popup menu. You’re all done: the Web page you chose to save is now stored in the Downloads tab and can be accessed any time you wish. For even more portability, export the Web page into PDF format by tapping “Share” and choosing “Print”. Make sure that you choose “Save as PDF” in the printer settings, and now you can find the PDF version of it in Downloads.

Second, zooming closer into a Web page in Chrome mobile is very advanced compared to most other mobile browsers, which means that you can use your phone with one hand and avoid all the awkward finger stretches that come with attempts to use the pinch zoom feature. These advanced zoom techniques are not available for websites which are optimized for mobile viewing - but then again, you probably won’t be needing those features for such websites anyway. If you’re dealing with older or poorly optimized websites, you can do the following to zoom in:

  • double tap the screen to zoom into the area you’re tapping

  • double tap the screen and drag your finger up or down to zoom out or zoom in, respectively

What’s more, Chrome provides a handy little setting that overrides the default “no mobile zoom” preference used by many websites. Just go into the Settings tab, head over to “Accessibility”, and tick the “Force enable zoom” option. Now you can zoom in and out of any website, even if the website developers chose to block that option for mobile devices.

Finally, Chrome mobile app implements several useful gesture controls which may take some time to get used to but will save you a lot of time in the long run. Try these handy navigation shortcuts:

  • swipe across the address bar to switch between open tabs

  • swipe down any open tab to access the tab manager

  • swipe across a tab in the tab manager to instantly close it

  • tap on any tab in the manager to instantly jump into it

As you can see, the lack of keyboard and mouse on a mobile device is compensated for with touch screens and smart gestures - just try them out!



The mobile browser from Google may not be perfect (but what is?), but it does its job exceptionally well. With Google Chrome mobile you will be able to easily navigate between open tabs, store Web pages for further offline use, access all your passwords and other data stored in your Google account from all devices, and simply enjoy your Web browsing experience. Unless you are extremely opposed to the idea of Google processing your search requests for statistical data, the mobile version of Chrome is likely just the browser for you.


  • Some users are concerned about the excess amount of personal data being collected by Chrome mobile, but this is an issue with most modern browsers, anyway


  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Desktop synchronization with your google account
  • Free
  • Lots of innovative features
  • Stable performance even on older devices
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