About us

Do you use Google Chrome for your everyday browser needs? Then you are one of two billion users doing just the same in every part of the world. Why do 60% of internet users choose precisely Google Chrome? The answer is simple: this browser combines so many cool features that any other browser doesn’t withstand the rivalry.

Convinced in the primacy of Google Chrome, we decided to launch a website totally devoted to this browser. So here we are, the team of passionate Google Chrome adherents, admired by this browser itself and the possibilities it brings us on the internet.

Peter Campbell, Founder of Google Chrome Fansite:

“I decided to launch the site where all the internet users could find useful and current information about their favorite browser. There are so many possibilities of Google Chrome that you don’t even know about, so there would be many discoveries and revelations on our website”.

William Anderson, Web-Developer of Google Chrome Fansite:

“Developing the website for Google Chrome fans was a challenge for me. How to develop something corresponding to Google Chrome browser high level? Hope, we managed this task, and you will find this website convenient and helpful”.

Alicia Glover, Web-Designer of Google Chrome Fansite:

“Google Chrome with all its themes, extensions, and plugins lets you make this browser so “yours”. It easily becomes an eye-candy for every user. I prefer using custom themes designed by me and extensions helpful for a designer. I like Chrome for arranging any my demand”.

Our Google Chrome Fansite welcomes you to the world of unlimited browser opportunities. Just open your mind to the cool browser features and customizations, and use the power of Google Chrome to the fullest.