How To Make Chrome Your Default Browser On iOS 2019 Apple rarely allows other web browsers on its App Store. Fortunately, you can now make chrome default browser iPhone. Google’s browser Chrome is based on Apple’s WebKit. It is also a refined wrapper for mobile Safari. It is a fact that users can now use different web browsers on iOS. However, Safari is considered as the default one. It does suggest that when you open the links sent to you through text message or email, the links can open automatically in Safari. Do you want to make chrome default browser iOS? Then, you can follow these simple steps. Open in Chrome iPhone The Open in Chrome can be one of the best ways for iOS change default browser. Andrew Richardson founded it. It was also updated recently for iOS 7. With this, you can open the links in Chrome. You can install the tweak from Cydia, and you can directly open in Chrome different links that you open an email or SMS. Even more important, you can add your bookmarks to the Home screen that will open in Chrome. As a result, the links will open with the use of Spotlight Search or Siri. You can never see the Safari again until you pick to launch the app and browse it directly on the web. The Open in Chrome can be turned on and off easily through the Settings app which is a good addition, regardless of the nature of tweak. If you desire to make Chrome your default browser on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, trying the Open in Chrome is the perfect solution. It is currently available for free in the ModMyi repo. Making Chrome as your Default Browser in iOS The concept of changing the default browser in iOS is nothing new. For many years, the jailbreakers can change the default browser to anything they want. They do this with the help of handy tweaks like the BrowserChooser. If by default, it is a fact that Apple will not set the Chrome as your default browser. Well, if you had your iDevice jailbroken, then you have the chance to change the Chrome as your default browser using this tweak. In making the best results, it is advisable for you to jailbreak your iDevice to get the BrowserChooser and Cydia app. In helping you with this, the following are the easy steps to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the Greenp0ison. Launch the Cydia and tap Manage. Next, click the Sources – Edit. Then, tap Add button and enter: As you wait while downloading the packages, you can click Return to Cydia. Under the Sources, you can tap Repository you currently added. You can now select BrowserChooser and install the feature. Now that the BrowserChooser is already installed, you can go back to iOS. Next, click the Settings and BrowserChooser. Tap the Chrome to make it a default browser on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The advantage of BrowserChooser is that you can pick any browser you want to make your default. With this, you can open a link from a document or email. The Google Chrome can now be open by default instead of the Safari. Advantages of making Chrome your Default Browser in iOS It is now possible for an iOS to make Chrome as its default browser. To convince you more, the following are some of the advantages of making Chrome as your default browser in iOS. Pros Enhanced security With the Chrome default browser, you can expect to have a more improved privacy while browsing the net. You can also have the peace of mind since you maintain the security that you need and deserve while browsing Twitter, Facebook, as well as other social media sites. Quality and enhanced speed Making Chrome as your default browser in iOS, you can expect to have a more improved quality and speed in browsing the net. You can load your visited site more easily and quickly. With this, you will not be bothered and stressed by the low speed while you are accessing the internet. You can now have unlimited time to download and visit your favorite sites. In return, you can experience a high level of fun and entertainment while using Chrome as your default browser. Easy browsing Using Chrome as your default browser in iOS offers you easy and comfortable browsing. You can enjoy browsing anytime, and anywhere even you are on the go. Thus, using Chrome as your iDevice default browser makes you browse without worrying from slow internet access. With its fast browsing speed, you can have unlimited fun browsing the net. In your free time, you deserve to relax and unwind from your stressful environment. You can enjoy Chrome as your default browser since it can offer secure and fast browsing to your favorite music or shows in the net. You can also have unlimited download for your favorite items. Cons The downside of making Chrome as your default browser in iOS is that you can’t avail the features of Safari which is the default browser of Apple. You also need to jailbreak your device to change the default browser in your phone. You must choose the best jailbreak to get Chrome as your default browser. Conclusion To sum it up, making Chrome as your default browser in iOS is possible. Among the most effective ways that you can do is to use the features of Open in Chrome. With the help of jailbreakers, you can now use apps such as BrowserChooser and Cydia app. If you want to change your browser with Chrome, you can follow the above tips that are mentioned above. With this, you can experience more customized options that perfectly match to your browsing needs. You can also ensure that you will enjoy browsing the net without hassle. Thus, Chrome can offer you with amazing features that can satisfy you. Continue Reading How to Customize Google Chrome Tips and Tricks Online media is now mainstream in the everyday lives of people around the world. With the continuous innovation of technology, different apps were developed. Among these apps is Google Chrome. If you want to make the best of Chrome, then this article is for you. The following are some of the best tips to make it more customized. Customizing Google Chrome Do you want to learn how to customize Google chrome? •    Turn on sync in Google Chrome As you turn the sync on in Chrome browser, you can sync and save essential items such as your history, bookmarks, passwords as well as other settings with your Google account. You can have access to them on a different device. •    Create a profile You can have different accounts like personal and for work. You can use these Chrome profiles to keep your extensions, bookmarks, and settings separately. •    Customize themes and extensions You must have the know-how to customize google chrome theme that can match to your taste, personality, and requirements. You can have a fun and more personalized theme and extensions in the Chrome Web Store. You can add extensions or extra features to Chrome. The themes can appear around the border of your browser and shows a background if you open a new tab. •    Browse privately or delete your history If you care for your security while browsing the web, you can use the Incognito mode. With this, Google Chrome can’t have a record of what you download or what you visit. Moreover, it can also delete your cookies, history and other details. •    Open a particular page or continue where you left off You can set up the Chrome for loading your favorite page if you first open the Chrome on your computer. You can also proceed where you left off on the pages you open for the last time you used Chrome. Eliminate Unwanted Extensions If you want to have clean and organized Google Chrome, you can eliminate the unwanted extensions. First, you must type chrome:// extensions in the address bar and you can disable the unwanted extensions.  You can have options of clicking the trash can icon to delete it or uncheck the box for disabling the extension. Meanwhile, you must keep in mind that once you delete the extension, you can lose all the data related to it. Install the Data Saver Extension If you are bothered with the poor and slow internet connection, one of the best solutions to improve the bandwidth is the installation of the Google Data Saver extension. The said extension utilizes Google servers to optimize and compress the web pages before it was delivered to your browser. Customizing Google Chrome background If you want to customize your Google background with your chosen image, then it is possible. You can have a cool background which can add life and beauty in your Google Chrome. You can use random images on your PC and upload it to set as your new background. If you don’t like the images on your PC theme, don’t worry because Google Chrome has its featured wallpaper and images background, you can also download your favorite images that you can set as your background. The best about it is that you can easily change it whenever you want if you are already tired with the images that you are using. You can return or replace it depending on you. To help you make a customized Google Chrome background, you can follow these steps. Step 1 First, you must open the Google Chrome web browser that is installed in your PC. Step 2 Next, you can click the settings icon which is located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Step 3 The dialog box will pop up, and then you can choose the ‘Chrome backgrounds’ or click the ‘upload an image.’ You can select the Google Chrome backgrounds or upload an image file from your PC. Step 4 As you click the "Chrome backgrounds," it will lead you to a new dialog box. You can pick a category and choose a picture and click ‘Done’ to finish the procedure of setting your Google Chrome background. How to Customize Google Chrome Homepage You can customize your Google Chrome homepage with your name. You have to follow these steps: •    First, you must open the Firebox or Chrome Browser, and then you can type on the search bar “Stylus extension” and hit enter. •    If you want to customize the Google homepage with your name, you must have a custom logo that looks like the logo of Google. You can use an online image editing tool like Photoshop. Then, you can type your name and customize it with Google’s font and color. How to Customize Google Chrome Toolbar The Google toolbar comes with fixed buttons including reload, forward, back and home. Google offers limited options for customizing the toolbar. Meanwhile, you can use Slimjet. It is a free web browser that is based on an open-source Chromium project wherein Google is based. With Slimjet, you can customize the toolbar buttons. You can also move the toolbar buttons to the right side if you want. The Slimjet tool also comes with additional buttons which you can access fast and easily. To customize the toolbar, you can click the arrow button on the right end of the toolbar and choose the ‘Customize Toolbar’ on the popup menu. How to Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page You may not know it, but you can customize the New Tab Page. You can set the New Tab page into a blank page and pick a custom URL. You can also install an extension to add features to the New Tab Page. Customizing Google Chrome Tips and Tricks Pros Customizing your Google Chrome can offer you with a more attractive page that will match your taste and requirements. Cons You may lose some info that is related to your previous Google Chrome feature. Conclusion Customizing your Google Chrome allows you to have a creative and fresh looking page as you browse the net.   Continue Reading How to block websites on Google Chrome mobile: key tips and guides Google Chrome has a wide variety of extensions and ensuite opportunities to block inappropriate sites or disturbing pop-up ads. However, when it comes to Chrome mobile, not all the systems provide a possibility to download such extensions for the browser. Yet, there are some methods of blocking undesirable sites on your or your kid’s gadget. Follow the article to get tips and guides on how to block websites on Chrome app. How to avoid inappropriate sites on iOS devices Thanks to Apple developers, there’s actually no need to get extra software on your device to set up a safe Web surfing. The iOS restrictions work both with the default Safari browser and third-party browsers like Opera or Google Chrome. Now, let’s focus more on restricting access to the web pages on Chrome for your iPhone or iPad. First of all, you need to note that Apple’s adult-related content list is automatically blocked in all of the browsers installed to your device. The restrictions you’ll set for Safari will work with other browsers too. It means you don’t need to set up new configurations for Chrome. Apple values its users' online safety and especially when it touches on children. However, if you want to make sure your kid won’t accidentally run into inappropriate web content, you can always set up Parental Control on their device. Follow this instruction to apply content and privacy restrictions on your child’ device: Tap Settings icon; Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions; Select Content Restrictions; In the Allowed Store Content choose the settings you want to customize. You can restrict ratings not only for Web content, but for the playback of music and news which contain explicit content, movies, books, and apps. How to block explicit content and inappropriate web pages on Android gadgets For Android users, there’s a possibility to use the same Chrome extensions as apps on your phones or tablets. Nevertheless, to set up safe Chrome browsing on an Android device, you can just use Chrome settings. Go to Options menu on Chrome app; Select Settings section; Scroll to the Privacy; Activate the Safe Browsing option. After you customize the browser, it will block adult and dangerous sites by default. If you want to block particular sites, it is better to use an extension-like app. Open the Google Play store to search for the extension you use on Chrome desktop version or try any blocking site app. Recommended apps for site blocking No matter how hard the Android and iOS developers work for our online safety, we will be concerned about it all the same. So, if you want to make sure that inappropriate content wouldn’t show up in any case, there are some both paid and free iOS and Android apps to install on your device for better online security. For iOS users: AdBlock+ (free); 1Blocker Legacy (free); Zero WIllpower ($1.99). For Android users: BlockSite (free); FocusMe (free) Block It (free).   I hope these guides and tips will help you to get the best and safe Chrome browsings experience. Create a safe Internet environment for yourself or your kids.   Continue Reading How to delete browsing history on Google Chrome app How often do you clear browsing history on your mobile phone? Usually, I don’t do this. Browsing history helps to access your most frequent requests, but sometimes it can affect the amount of available storage on your smartphone. If you use Google Chrome on your mobile, let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to delete browsing history. Tips on using Google Chrome mobile Why do users choose Google Chrome for their gadgets? The answer to this question may be straight for you. As most of the desktop browsers, Google Chrome provides the same function kit like browsing pages, adding them to favorites, creating bookmarks, etc. But there’s definitely at least one trick you didn’t know about Google Chrome mobile. For businessmen and people who work regularly with the Web, Google Chrome features a “My Activity” option. This section works if your Google Chrome mobile is synced with your PC or laptop desktop Google Chrome browser using a Google account. If you haven’t created a Google account yet, then just do it. After you’ve got a Gmail, follow some easy steps to complete the synchronization process: Open the Chrome app on your phone or tablet; Tap three dots icon to open the Options menu; Select Sign in to Chrome; Enter the account you want to use; Tap Continue and OK. When your devices are synced, you will get an access to your bookmarks, history and currently open tabs, passwords, autofill info and credit cards, settings, and preferences. Moreover, now you can both clean the history from your gadget or laptop. To see the My Activity section, enter in your Google Chrome app. How to delete browsing history on Google Chrome app: iOS and Android guide Once you’ve synced your desktop and mobile Google browsers, you can quickly clean your browsing history directly from your laptop or PC. If you want to delete it on your gadget, follow this instruction: Open Google Chrome app on your iOS or Android device; Tap on three dots icon to open up the Options menu; Select History; Find “Time range”; Select how much history you want to delete. The process is similar to the desktop version of Chrome. Remember if you clear browsing history neither from your mobile device or PC, the history will be deleted on both of them. If you want to clear browsing history only on your smartphone or tablet, then you need to sign out from your Google account. How to clear all browsing data on the Google Chrome app If you want to clear not only browsing history but all of the saved browsing data on your device, use this guide: Tap the three dots Options button; Scroll down to Settings; Select the Privacy menu; Tap Clear Browsing Data to choose what to clear (browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files, personal info, and autofill data); Tap the Clear Browsing Data once again to delete selected items; Tap Done button to quit the menu. Usually, cleaning saved data helps if you’re concerned about your privacy on the Internet. I believe that Google developers have done an excellent job with keeping users privacy safe and there’s nothing to worry about. Yet, you have some tips and guides on how to use the Chrome app and I hope they will help you!   Continue Reading Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad: Install Chrome Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, easy to download and navigate. It was originally made for Android and is still perceived that way by the audience. It is another alternative to Safari browser, with other features and benefits. Now Chrome is available for iOS devices as you can read in this chrome for iphone review. It needs several system requirements. Make sure your device responds to it before you’ll download the browser itself. Chrome now can appear as a widget on iOS. It usually accommodates in Notification Center. Being a widget on your phone, Chrome has 2 options: for a new tab and for a voice search. Notification Center is easy to reach, with just one swipe down from a screen. Chrome can be opened in less than a minute. The voice search from Google Chrome is a nice alternative to Siri. You don’t have to activate Apple Assistant. Chrome is just quicker. And let’s be honest, there is more information you can receive by using Chrome instead of Siri. Besides, this browser now added pull to refresh option, which gives us faster access to the newly appeared information. It is easy when it comes to navigation through iPhone. One gesture is all you need if you want to open or close new tab. Move left or right while you are pulling down the page. Another pleasant surprise is that Google decided to take advantage of the app system in iOS 8. If you use LastPass or 1Password manager, Chrome automatically fills passwords on websites. You don’t have to waste your time on it anymore. Google chrome app iphone needs: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch At least iOS 10 or later Languages are supported by the App Store How to install Chrome on iOS There are a few quick steps you need to follow: Go to App Store on your iOS device and pick Chrome app there You need to tap on the icon Get When you’ll see Install option, tap on it Now you have to enter ID Password that you have from Apple and tap on the OK sign After that, you can go to the home screen and tap on the icon of the Chrome app to use the browser How to add Google Chrome browser to the dock on your phone This procedure is easy to perform and helps to get to Chrome quicker: Touch and hold the app on the dock, so you could make space there Now try to drag Chrome app and release on the home screen Tap on it and hold your finger Drag the app down until you will meet the dock, now release it there The final step is to press the button which reads Home If you have iPhone 6 or later version, you may just press on the app of Chrome which will automatically initiate voice search, then open new tab, scan QR code or access websites you often visit. Features of Apple you may miss Many iPhone users ask the same question – are there any features they will miss using Chrome? Well, handoff works well, and you can read the instruction above how to bring it to the Dock. Apple Pay is only for Safari browser. If you use it a lot, you’ll need to switch browsers. Buying something with your iPad or iPhone and using Apple Pay system means the come back to Safari. In all other cases, you unlikely will feel that something is missing. Chrome is convenient in many ways, including a bigger number of apps, sync options, and since Chrome is a third-party app on your iPhone, everything there is concentrated in one spot. While it already looks like a poem to magnificent Google Chrome  app for iPhone and its awesomeness in interacting with iOS, make no mistake it still has the gaps to cover. Apple still demands Safari to be the main browser on their products, and doubtfully it will change soon. Google is trying hard to reveal the benefits to iPhone owners. Still, it must be two-way actions.   Continue Reading Make Chrome App Faster on Android If you are wondering how to make Google Chrome faster on Android, this information is for you. Power and speed of the browser can be cut by the capabilities of your phone. Still, there are few tricks that may help you with the problem. Let’s start with the easiest. Turn the Data Saver on There are two key factors that usually are important in measuring the performance of the browser. They are information and hardware speeds. Can you say you have the fastest mobile in the world? Well, it does not really matter if your browser is limited by the speeds of data, and otherwise. Don’t get upset so soon. There is a chance to cut the number of data. Try Data Saver. It was made for this. While you turn it on, data will appear on Google’s servers and get it cut and shaped for your smartphone. Imagine how much time and power it will save, as you don’t actually need big pictures on a small screen. It will speed up chrome android 2018 work and stop enormous data eating. Short manual: Open Chrome and pick a menu button with 3 dots on it in the right corner of your screen Now tap on the Settings icon and scroll down to the sign Data Saver Tap on it to turn it on Clear your cache once in a while This is another option of how to make things work for you. The cache may help you when it comes to browsing information and keep it in the storage. And when you want to revisit the page you previously attended cache will pull it from the storage instead of downloading again. Information will appear much faster. But in reality, we search through dozens of pages we don’t want to come back again every day. Cache is growing. Browser loses the speed. Ask yourself how do I speed up chrome on android? Don’t do it every day. Just clear it from time to time, when you feel your browser starts to slow down. At first, you may feel that pages are loading longer. Still, it will work better after a while. How to clear cache: Open Settings app on your phone and select Apps there Find Chrome and enter it Pick the name Storage from the list, tap on it In the opened table select button Clear cache, tap on it Do you really need Javascript? Get rid of it now Javascript may be a great invention and make your browsing time way better every day. Some websites would never look as well, as they look thanks to the Javascript. It allows interaction with web apps, endless pages to scroll and social buttons we love. So the real question is, can you live without it? It is ok, if you say No. For others, it is just a speed eater. Getting rid of it means that some annoying ads will disappear as well. Are you ready for it? Don’t rush with this decision. Think about it. How to disable it? Open your browser and press on the menu with 3 dots on it which is located in the right upper corner Find Settings and tap on it Now select the sign Site Settings and enter Find Javascript name, tap on it You can switch it off now Use shortcuts on the home screen If you have tried previous options and nothing works, there is a good chance that your browser is already does everything it can. To help it and save your time on the internet, use home screen shortcuts for the websites you often visit. It saves time and phone energy. If you are checking the website regularly and you know you will do it in the future add it to your home screen. You will not need to go to the browser to find the website. The resource will be easy to reach. How to make a shortcut? Go to your browser and find the website you want to create a shortcut Reach for the 3 dots menu in the upper corner of your screen Select the option Add to Home Screen You can change the title of the website if you want Enjoy the shortcut that appeared on the screen While Chrome is considered to be the quickest browser in the world, some users feel the lack of speed. Mostly, it is the inner problem which can be easily solved.   Continue Reading Download & install Google Chrome – Android Google Chrome is a web browser that was made by Google originally for Android system, but recently received access to iOS systems as an app. It is an alternative to Apple’s Safari and Firefox. The browser is relatively young but already the most popular in the world. Chrome is a native browser in many Android devices. It brings its numerous features into the mobile. You can switch platforms without the need to change browsers like it would be necessary for some services on iOS. Chrome is available for tablets and phones running Android 4.1 + system. If your phone still does not have Chrome as an original browser you can easily download it through the official Google Play store. It is free and quick to download. How to install Chrome? Go to the Google Play store on your phone. You’ll see the icon of the store with the name under it Find Chrome browser there and tap on the Install sign Now confirm that you are accepting all the demands, by pressing the icon After that, you can start browsing whenever you want. Just go to All Apps or Home page. Pick the familiar icon of Chrome there Benefits of Chrome for Android There is synchronization between the mobile app and desktop that lets you keep all your bookmarks, passwords, searches in sync. It makes your life so much easier. The bookmarks you’ll make on mobile will be displayed on your PC. The simplicity of use. A new tab is opened by tapping on menu More from the right high corner and New Tab after that. Collection of recently opened websites will appear in front of you. The app reminds you to close the incognito tab if you opened it and forgot. You may arrange some privacy of your search through the browser. Use the incognito mode. The browser will not record your activity. Still, there is a good chance that website will save your data, as your ISP. And anyway, the best part of using Chrome on your mobile is that you may reach the websites you already attended in one tap. Google offers you a Voice Search. It is easy, and definitely way better than Siri when it comes to the content revealed. If you want to find something on the internet or navigate between pages without hands, you may use your voice. Another cool advantage of google chrome app for android is its built-in translator. Some of us may already forget about it. It still there and helps you to translate the entire page you are looking at. All you have to do is tap and agree on an offered translation. Safe Browsing is another option that helps you to avoid trouble. You’ll see a warning about potentially dangerous sites you may want to skip. There will be a warning about dangerous apps as well. There are not only pros in using Chrome. As any other browsers, it has its faults. However, unlike other browsers Chrome’s problems are minor. For example, some users find Chrome tabs confusing on Android when it comes to the phone version. You need to make two taps to reach another tab. There is no return to the closed tab, like in the desktop variant. If you have problems with a search engine, updates, pop-ups of Flash, you can try to uninstall Chrome browser at first and reinstall it again. Don’t panic, the whole procedure is as easy, as it was with its installation: Open Settings app on your phone Press on the Apps and Notifications Find Chrome and enter it Tap the icon Disable Now you may try to repeat the whole installation procedure. Download app on your phone, make sure you have a suitable Android system, repeat the install process step by step.   Continue Reading