Download & install Google Chrome – Android

Download & install Google Chrome – Android

Google Chrome is a web browser that was made by Google originally for Android system, but recently received access to iOS systems as an app. It is an alternative to Apple’s Safari and Firefox. The browser is relatively young but already the most popular in the world.

Chrome is a native browser in many Android devices. It brings its numerous features into the mobile. You can switch platforms without the need to change browsers like it would be necessary for some services on iOS.

Chrome is available for tablets and phones running Android 4.1 + system. If your phone still does not have Chrome as an original browser you can easily download it through the official Google Play store. It is free and quick to download.

How to install Chrome?

  • Go to the Google Play store on your phone. You’ll see the icon of the store with the name under it

  • Find Chrome browser there and tap on the Install sign

  • Now confirm that you are accepting all the demands, by pressing the icon

  • After that, you can start browsing whenever you want. Just go to All Apps or Home page. Pick the familiar icon of Chrome there

Benefits of Chrome for Android

There is synchronization between the mobile app and desktop that lets you keep all your bookmarks, passwords, searches in sync. It makes your life so much easier. The bookmarks you’ll make on mobile will be displayed on your PC.

The simplicity of use. A new tab is opened by tapping on menu More from the right high corner and New Tab after that. Collection of recently opened websites will appear in front of you. The app reminds you to close the incognito tab if you opened it and forgot.

You may arrange some privacy of your search through the browser. Use the incognito mode. The browser will not record your activity. Still, there is a good chance that website will save your data, as your ISP. And anyway, the best part of using Chrome on your mobile is that you may reach the websites you already attended in one tap.

Google offers you a Voice Search. It is easy, and definitely way better than Siri when it comes to the content revealed. If you want to find something on the internet or navigate between pages without hands, you may use your voice.

Another cool advantage of google chrome app for android is its built-in translator. Some of us may already forget about it. It still there and helps you to translate the entire page you are looking at. All you have to do is tap and agree on an offered translation.

Safe Browsing is another option that helps you to avoid trouble. You’ll see a warning about potentially dangerous sites you may want to skip. There will be a warning about dangerous apps as well.

There are not only pros in using Chrome. As any other browsers, it has its faults. However, unlike other browsers Chrome’s problems are minor. For example, some users find Chrome tabs confusing on Android when it comes to the phone version. You need to make two taps to reach another tab. There is no return to the closed tab, like in the desktop variant.

If you have problems with a search engine, updates, pop-ups of Flash, you can try to uninstall Chrome browser at first and reinstall it again. Don’t panic, the whole procedure is as easy, as it was with its installation:

  • Open Settings app on your phone

  • Press on the Apps and Notifications

  • Find Chrome and enter it

  • Tap the icon Disable

Now you may try to repeat the whole installation procedure. Download app on your phone, make sure you have a suitable Android system, repeat the install process step by step.