Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad: Install Chrome

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad: Install Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, easy to download and navigate. It was originally made for Android and is still perceived that way by the audience. It is another alternative to Safari browser, with other features and benefits.

Now Chrome is available for iOS devices as you can read in this chrome for iphone review. It needs several system requirements. Make sure your device responds to it before you’ll download the browser itself.

Chrome now can appear as a widget on iOS. It usually accommodates in Notification Center. Being a widget on your phone, Chrome has 2 options: for a new tab and for a voice search. Notification Center is easy to reach, with just one swipe down from a screen. Chrome can be opened in less than a minute.

The voice search from Google Chrome is a nice alternative to Siri. You don’t have to activate Apple Assistant. Chrome is just quicker. And let’s be honest, there is more information you can receive by using Chrome instead of Siri.

Besides, this browser now added pull to refresh option, which gives us faster access to the newly appeared information. It is easy when it comes to navigation through iPhone. One gesture is all you need if you want to open or close new tab. Move left or right while you are pulling down the page.

Another pleasant surprise is that Google decided to take advantage of the app system in iOS 8. If you use LastPass or 1Password manager, Chrome automatically fills passwords on websites. You don’t have to waste your time on it anymore.

Google chrome app iphone needs:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • At least iOS 10 or later

  • Languages are supported by the App Store

  • How to install Chrome on iOS

There are a few quick steps you need to follow:

  • Go to App Store on your iOS device and pick Chrome app there

  • You need to tap on the icon Get

  • When you’ll see Install option, tap on it

  • Now you have to enter ID Password that you have from Apple and tap on the OK sign

  • After that, you can go to the home screen and tap on the icon of the Chrome app to use the browser

How to add Google Chrome browser to the dock on your phone

This procedure is easy to perform and helps to get to Chrome quicker:

  • Touch and hold the app on the dock, so you could make space there

  • Now try to drag Chrome app and release on the home screen

  • Tap on it and hold your finger

  • Drag the app down until you will meet the dock, now release it there

  • The final step is to press the button which reads Home

If you have iPhone 6 or later version, you may just press on the app of Chrome which will automatically initiate voice search, then open new tab, scan QR code or access websites you often visit.

Features of Apple you may miss

Many iPhone users ask the same question – are there any features they will miss using Chrome? Well, handoff works well, and you can read the instruction above how to bring it to the Dock.

Apple Pay is only for Safari browser. If you use it a lot, you’ll need to switch browsers. Buying something with your iPad or iPhone and using Apple Pay system means the come back to Safari.

In all other cases, you unlikely will feel that something is missing. Chrome is convenient in many ways, including a bigger number of apps, sync options, and since Chrome is a third-party app on your iPhone, everything there is concentrated in one spot.

While it already looks like a poem to magnificent Google Chrome  app for iPhone and its awesomeness in interacting with iOS, make no mistake it still has the gaps to cover. Apple still demands Safari to be the main browser on their products, and doubtfully it will change soon. Google is trying hard to reveal the benefits to iPhone owners. Still, it must be two-way actions.