How to block websites on Google Chrome mobile: key tips and guides

How to block websites on Google Chrome mobile: key tips and guides

Google Chrome has a wide variety of extensions and ensuite opportunities to block inappropriate sites or disturbing pop-up ads. However, when it comes to Chrome mobile, not all the systems provide a possibility to download such extensions for the browser. Yet, there are some methods of blocking undesirable sites on your or your kid’s gadget. Follow the article to get tips and guides on how to block websites on Chrome app.

How to avoid inappropriate sites on iOS devices

Thanks to Apple developers, there’s actually no need to get extra software on your device to set up a safe Web surfing. The iOS restrictions work both with the default Safari browser and third-party browsers like Opera or Google Chrome. Now, let’s focus more on restricting access to the web pages on Chrome for your iPhone or iPad.

First of all, you need to note that Apple’s adult-related content list is automatically blocked in all of the browsers installed to your device. The restrictions you’ll set for Safari will work with other browsers too. It means you don’t need to set up new configurations for Chrome.

Apple values its users' online safety and especially when it touches on children. However, if you want to make sure your kid won’t accidentally run into inappropriate web content, you can always set up Parental Control on their device.

Follow this instruction to apply content and privacy restrictions on your child’ device:

  1. Tap Settings icon;

  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions;

  3. Select Content Restrictions;

  4. In the Allowed Store Content choose the settings you want to customize.

You can restrict ratings not only for Web content, but for the playback of music and news which contain explicit content, movies, books, and apps.

How to block explicit content and inappropriate web pages on Android gadgets

For Android users, there’s a possibility to use the same Chrome extensions as apps on your phones or tablets.

Nevertheless, to set up safe Chrome browsing on an Android device, you can just use Chrome settings.

  • Go to Options menu on Chrome app;

  • Select Settings section;

  • Scroll to the Privacy;

  • Activate the Safe Browsing option.

After you customize the browser, it will block adult and dangerous sites by default.

If you want to block particular sites, it is better to use an extension-like app. Open the Google Play store to search for the extension you use on Chrome desktop version or try any blocking site app.

Recommended apps for site blocking

No matter how hard the Android and iOS developers work for our online safety, we will be concerned about it all the same. So, if you want to make sure that inappropriate content wouldn’t show up in any case, there are some both paid and free iOS and Android apps to install on your device for better online security.

For iOS users:

  • AdBlock+ (free);

  • 1Blocker Legacy (free);

  • Zero WIllpower ($1.99).

For Android users:

  • BlockSite (free);

  • FocusMe (free)

  • Block It (free).


I hope these guides and tips will help you to get the best and safe Chrome browsings experience. Create a safe Internet environment for yourself or your kids.