How to Customize Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

How to Customize Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Online media is now mainstream in the everyday lives of people around the world. With the continuous innovation of technology, different apps were developed. Among these apps is Google Chrome.

If you want to make the best of Chrome, then this article is for you. The following are some of the best tips to make it more customized.

Customizing Google Chrome

Do you want to learn how to customize Google chrome?

•    Turn on sync in Google Chrome

As you turn the sync on in Chrome browser, you can sync and save essential items such as your history, bookmarks, passwords as well as other settings with your Google account. You can have access to them on a different device.

•    Create a profile

You can have different accounts like personal and for work. You can use these Chrome profiles to keep your extensions, bookmarks, and settings separately.

•    Customize themes and extensions

You must have the know-how to customize google chrome theme that can match to your taste, personality, and requirements. You can have a fun and more personalized theme and extensions in the Chrome Web Store. You can add extensions or extra features to Chrome. The themes can appear around the border of your browser and shows a background if you open a new tab.

•    Browse privately or delete your history

If you care for your security while browsing the web, you can use the Incognito mode. With this, Google Chrome can’t have a record of what you download or what you visit. Moreover, it can also delete your cookies, history and other details.

•    Open a particular page or continue where you left off

You can set up the Chrome for loading your favorite page if you first open the Chrome on your computer. You can also proceed where you left off on the pages you open for the last time you used Chrome.

Eliminate Unwanted Extensions

If you want to have clean and organized Google Chrome, you can eliminate the unwanted extensions. First, you must type chrome:// extensions in the address bar and you can disable the unwanted extensions.  You can have options of clicking the trash can icon to delete it or uncheck the box for disabling the extension. Meanwhile, you must keep in mind that once you delete the extension, you can lose all the data related to it.

Install the Data Saver Extension

If you are bothered with the poor and slow internet connection, one of the best solutions to improve the bandwidth is the installation of the Google Data Saver extension. The said extension utilizes Google servers to optimize and compress the web pages before it was delivered to your browser.

Customizing Google Chrome background

If you want to customize your Google background with your chosen image, then it is possible. You can have a cool background which can add life and beauty in your Google Chrome. You can use random images on your PC and upload it to set as your new background.

If you don’t like the images on your PC theme, don’t worry because Google Chrome has its featured wallpaper and images background, you can also download your favorite images that you can set as your background. The best about it is that you can easily change it whenever you want if you are already tired with the images that you are using. You can return or replace it depending on you. To help you make a customized Google Chrome background, you can follow these steps.

Step 1

First, you must open the Google Chrome web browser that is installed in your PC.

Step 2

Next, you can click the settings icon which is located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3

The dialog box will pop up, and then you can choose the ‘Chrome backgrounds’ or click the ‘upload an image.’ You can select the Google Chrome backgrounds or upload an image file from your PC.

Step 4

As you click the "Chrome backgrounds," it will lead you to a new dialog box. You can pick a category and choose a picture and click ‘Done’ to finish the procedure of setting your Google Chrome background.

How to Customize Google Chrome Homepage

You can customize your Google Chrome homepage with your name. You have to follow these steps:

•    First, you must open the Firebox or Chrome Browser, and then you can type on the search bar “Stylus extension” and hit enter.

•    If you want to customize the Google homepage with your name, you must have a custom logo that looks like the logo of Google. You can use an online image editing tool like Photoshop. Then, you can type your name and customize it with Google’s font and color.

How to Customize Google Chrome Toolbar

The Google toolbar comes with fixed buttons including reload, forward, back and home. Google offers limited options for customizing the toolbar. Meanwhile, you can use Slimjet. It is a free web browser that is based on an open-source Chromium project wherein Google is based. With Slimjet, you can customize the toolbar buttons. You can also move the toolbar buttons to the right side if you want.

The Slimjet tool also comes with additional buttons which you can access fast and easily. To customize the toolbar, you can click the arrow button on the right end of the toolbar and choose the ‘Customize Toolbar’ on the popup menu.

How to Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page

You may not know it, but you can customize the New Tab Page. You can set the New Tab page into a blank page and pick a custom URL. You can also install an extension to add features to the New Tab Page.

Customizing Google Chrome Tips and Tricks


Customizing your Google Chrome can offer you with a more attractive page that will match your taste and requirements.


You may lose some info that is related to your previous Google Chrome feature.


Customizing your Google Chrome allows you to have a creative and fresh looking page as you browse the net.