How to delete browsing history on Google Chrome app

How to delete browsing history on Google Chrome app

How often do you clear browsing history on your mobile phone? Usually, I don’t do this. Browsing history helps to access your most frequent requests, but sometimes it can affect the amount of available storage on your smartphone. If you use Google Chrome on your mobile, let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to delete browsing history.

Tips on using Google Chrome mobile

Why do users choose Google Chrome for their gadgets? The answer to this question may be straight for you. As most of the desktop browsers, Google Chrome provides the same function kit like browsing pages, adding them to favorites, creating bookmarks, etc. But there’s definitely at least one trick you didn’t know about Google Chrome mobile.

For businessmen and people who work regularly with the Web, Google Chrome features a “My Activity” option. This section works if your Google Chrome mobile is synced with your PC or laptop desktop Google Chrome browser using a Google account. If you haven’t created a Google account yet, then just do it. After you’ve got a Gmail, follow some easy steps to complete the synchronization process:

Open the Chrome app on your phone or tablet;

  1. Tap three dots icon to open the Options menu;

  2. Select Sign in to Chrome;

  3. Enter the account you want to use;

  4. Tap Continue and OK.

When your devices are synced, you will get an access to your bookmarks, history and currently open tabs, passwords, autofill info and credit cards, settings, and preferences. Moreover, now you can both clean the history from your gadget or laptop. To see the My Activity section, enter in your Google Chrome app.

How to delete browsing history on Google Chrome app: iOS and Android guide

Once you’ve synced your desktop and mobile Google browsers, you can quickly clean your browsing history directly from your laptop or PC. If you want to delete it on your gadget, follow this instruction:

  1. Open Google Chrome app on your iOS or Android device;

  2. Tap on three dots icon to open up the Options menu;

  3. Select History;

  4. Find “Time range”;

  5. Select how much history you want to delete.

The process is similar to the desktop version of Chrome. Remember if you clear browsing history neither from your mobile device or PC, the history will be deleted on both of them. If you want to clear browsing history only on your smartphone or tablet, then you need to sign out from your Google account.

How to clear all browsing data on the Google Chrome app

If you want to clear not only browsing history but all of the saved browsing data on your device, use this guide:

  • Tap the three dots Options button;

  • Scroll down to Settings;

  • Select the Privacy menu;

  • Tap Clear Browsing Data to choose what to clear (browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files, personal info, and autofill data);

  • Tap the Clear Browsing Data once again to delete selected items;

  • Tap Done button to quit the menu.

Usually, cleaning saved data helps if you’re concerned about your privacy on the Internet. I believe that Google developers have done an excellent job with keeping users privacy safe and there’s nothing to worry about. Yet, you have some tips and guides on how to use the Chrome app and I hope they will help you!