Make Chrome App Faster on Android

Make Chrome App Faster on Android

If you are wondering how to make Google Chrome faster on Android, this information is for you. Power and speed of the browser can be cut by the capabilities of your phone. Still, there are few tricks that may help you with the problem. Let’s start with the easiest.

Turn the Data Saver on

There are two key factors that usually are important in measuring the performance of the browser. They are information and hardware speeds. Can you say you have the fastest mobile in the world? Well, it does not really matter if your browser is limited by the speeds of data, and otherwise. Don’t get upset so soon. There is a chance to cut the number of data.

Try Data Saver. It was made for this. While you turn it on, data will appear on Google’s servers and get it cut and shaped for your smartphone. Imagine how much time and power it will save, as you don’t actually need big pictures on a small screen. It will speed up chrome android 2018 work and stop enormous data eating.

Short manual:

  • Open Chrome and pick a menu button with 3 dots on it in the right corner of your screen

  • Now tap on the Settings icon and scroll down to the sign Data Saver

  • Tap on it to turn it on

Clear your cache once in a while

This is another option of how to make things work for you. The cache may help you when it comes to browsing information and keep it in the storage. And when you want to revisit the page you previously attended cache will pull it from the storage instead of downloading again. Information will appear much faster.

But in reality, we search through dozens of pages we don’t want to come back again every day. Cache is growing. Browser loses the speed. Ask yourself how do I speed up chrome on android? Don’t do it every day. Just clear it from time to time, when you feel your browser starts to slow down. At first, you may feel that pages are loading longer. Still, it will work better after a while.

How to clear cache:

  • Open Settings app on your phone and select Apps there

  • Find Chrome and enter it

  • Pick the name Storage from the list, tap on it

  • In the opened table select button Clear cache, tap on it

Do you really need Javascript? Get rid of it now

Javascript may be a great invention and make your browsing time way better every day. Some websites would never look as well, as they look thanks to the Javascript. It allows interaction with web apps, endless pages to scroll and social buttons we love.

So the real question is, can you live without it? It is ok, if you say No. For others, it is just a speed eater. Getting rid of it means that some annoying ads will disappear as well. Are you ready for it? Don’t rush with this decision. Think about it.

How to disable it?

  • Open your browser and press on the menu with 3 dots on it which is located in the right upper corner

  • Find Settings and tap on it

  • Now select the sign Site Settings and enter

  • Find Javascript name, tap on it

  • You can switch it off now

Use shortcuts on the home screen

If you have tried previous options and nothing works, there is a good chance that your browser is already does everything it can. To help it and save your time on the internet, use home screen shortcuts for the websites you often visit. It saves time and phone energy.

If you are checking the website regularly and you know you will do it in the future add it to your home screen. You will not need to go to the browser to find the website. The resource will be easy to reach.

How to make a shortcut?

  • Go to your browser and find the website you want to create a shortcut

  • Reach for the 3 dots menu in the upper corner of your screen

  • Select the option Add to Home Screen

  • You can change the title of the website if you want

  • Enjoy the shortcut that appeared on the screen

While Chrome is considered to be the quickest browser in the world, some users feel the lack of speed. Mostly, it is the inner problem which can be easily solved.